The New Experts

The New Experts¬†Delivers a Practical Strategy for Recruiting & Retaining Today’s Seller-Agnostic Customers.
Who are these “new experts”? A generation of ruthless customers empowered by three lethal weapons: instant access to information, immense choice, and real-time price comparison.

This visionary book by Robert Bloom, a veteran CEO and respected authority on business strategy, tells readers: how to win customers who no longer care where they buy. It explains how to give customers what they want when it matters most to them–at their 4 Decisive Moments during the purchase progression:

  • Now-or-Never Moment
  • Make-or-Break Moment
  • Keep-or-Lose Moment
  • Highly profitable Multiplier Moment

The New Experts¬†turns today’s most serious business challenge into a business-building advantage by providing a no-or-low-cost solution to reduce costly customer churn and increase profitable customer conversion, retention, and referral. Influential business leaders of businesses of every size and type in Europe, Australia, and the United States are recommending¬†The New Experts.

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