Sustainable Growth is the Only Valuable Growth

I confirmed this reality by: enabling growth-challenged Business Leaders to increase the pace of their growth; building our small enterprise into a national force; serving as U.S. CEO of Agency Giant, Publicis Worldwide; and publishing books on business growth: The Inside Advantage and The New Experts

The Washington Post on Bob Bloom:

Respected strategist Robert Bloom explains
“why today’s businesses require a Customer Centric Approach”

Bloomberg Television on Bob Bloom:

Pim Scott asks Bloom “how businesses can secure
today’s new generation of smarter and better informed customers”

My Proprietary Systems

Focus on Differentiation

In a few days of hard, but rewarding work – you, your executive team and I will craft a differentiated growth strategy – the only path to sustainable growth


My Proprietary Systems

Stress Profitable Growth

To secure high-margin repeat purchase, customer advocacy, and referral you will utilize my system that prevents profit-draining customer churn

My Proprietary Systems

Assure Strategic Consensus

You escape the most common cause of failure by gaining enthusiastic internal agreement to your ambitious, achievable Growth Strategy


My Proprietary Systems

Conserve Your Resources

You avoid the time-wasting travel and money-wasting expense of conventional on-site consulting firms


My Proprietary Systems

Require Prompt Strategic Implementation

To succeed in the marketplace you must adhere to a disciplined execution timetable we define and monitor


Our Next Steps

I supply easy-to-use eight-page workbooks; answer your questions live; provide references upon request, and then we go to work together. Email to setup an introductory call.


Onsite sessions

Onsite sessions are required if any of the following five conditions exist:
1. Significant business complexity
2. Serious internal conflict
3. Over twenty participants
4. Numerous international attendees
5. International travel is necessary